Kurunegala turned to a sea of blue waves yesterday

An unprecedented crowd gathered in Kurunegala since early morning yesterday to attend the 62nd anniversary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the 1st public rally of the United People’s Freedom Alliance’s provincial election campaign.
The whole of Kurunegala turned to be blue sea waves by yesterday afternoon,.
President Mahinda Rajapaksa addressing the rally said that the treacherous elements in the country who cannot stomach about the good works being done by the government and who wants sufferings of the people to continue are telling various malicious and stupid tales to the international community with the main objective of retarding the progress being made by the country.,
He said that they carried such tales to the UN High Commissioner on Human Rights Mrs. Navaneethan Pillay during her recent visit to Sri Lanka as well.
The President that these treacherous elements stupidly accuse that the country is marching towards Authoritarianism and democracy is getting eroded. He said that it is hilarious to find these accusations being made when the country is in the process of holding Provincial Council Elections in three provinces, and in the Northern Province for the first time which no other previous government was able to implement. He asked whether holding elections is a march towards authoritarianism and a sign of erosion of democracy.
Speaking about the SLFP anniversary the President said that it is the Sri Lanka Freedom Party which has served the common masses of this country and this service to the people will be continued uninterruptedly under the SLFP. The President said that the SLFP is a combine of the five fold of forces the Sanga, Veda, Guru, Govi, Kamkaru and said that a sixth force, the Ranawiru has also joined this combine making it a group of six combines now. He said that most of the security forces members who undertook the task of liberating the country from the Tiger Terrorists were from the Kurunegala district and from the North Western Province.
The President said that the treacherous elements are hatching all sorts of conspiracies to topple this government. He said that they are saying that this “guy” (Me yaka) should be removed even by filing cases in the Courts. The President said that even if they remove him, the people of this country will continue to be attached to the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and this cannot be stopped by anyone.

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