Monthly Archives: September 2013

Kurunegala turned to a sea of blue waves yesterday

An unprecedented crowd gathered in Kurunegala since early morning yesterday to attend the 62nd anniversary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party and the 1st public rally of the United People’s Freedom Alliance’s provincial election campaign.

Sri Lankan government to expand Defence Services College to Kurunegala

Sept 03, Colombo: The Sri Lankan government plans to set up a branch of the Defence Services College in Kurunegala.

Another effluent discharging factory in Kurunegala

In the wake of the Rathupaswala incident, where a factory was alleged to have polluted ground water, another such claim is being raised about a factory in Kobeigane in Kurunegala District. Residents of the area say that a company named Jiffy Products Sri Lanka is using a chemical, calcium nitrate,